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Ali Almutairi – Kuwait

By: Sean Luster

Ali Almutairi is a freshman business student from Kuwait who started at Boise State University in January 2016. As of now, he plans to enter the finance major; however, he is also interested in supply chain management. It is a new field for his home country and presents potential opportunities. So for now, like many college undergrads, he is still deciding on his major.

Ali came to Boise State because some of his family and friends were already in town, and it seemed like a great place to be — “people are smiling while walking down the street,” he noted. Although still early on in his college career, Ali sees himself moving back to Kuwait after earning his degree.

Before coming to Boise, Ali spent time in Portland. He is fascinated with seeing diversity and differences in places within the United States. He enjoys getting involved with new people.

“It’s such an opportunity to sit with people of different ages and languages. You will get more mature and more knowledge,” says Ali, recognizing the importance of diversity and learning from each another.

Ali enjoys exploring the outdoors, taking advantage of Boise’s bike routes, and competing in air riflery.

Update May 9, 2020: Ali graduated with a BBA in accountancy and finance.