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Aram Kim – South Korea

By: Sean Luster


Aram Kim is an accounting student in her senior year, and she is really happy to have come to Boise to earn her degree. Born and raised in South Korea, Aram has spent the past three full years in Idaho, even though she only planned on being away from her home country for one year. “I love it here!” exclaimed Aram, as she discussed how she enjoys how peaceful Boise has been and how friendly everyone seems to be.

After intending on receiving an education in education, Aram was curious about business and decided to pursue that field instead. She enjoyed her accounting classes and knew that it was what she wanted to do. She mentioned how she likes numbers and problem-solving, and accounting just makes sense to her. Her goal is to work in auditing for a public accounting firm.

Although English is not her primary language, she thoroughly enjoyed taking a business communication class, which helped her English-speaking skills because she needed to present in front of the class on a regular basis. Aram notes, “Never give up because opportunity will come in the end,” and that strong work ethic has allowed her to be successful in her endeavors in a country far away from home.