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Idaho Deal Forum and COBE Funding Accelerator Internships

One of the special things about the COBE Funding Accelerator program is the internship component. Open to all majors, an internship with the COBE Funding Accelerator gives students experience in entrepreneurship ventures through our partnership with VentureCapital.Org.

The Arbiter recently did a story the Idaho Deal Forum and how the internship program fits in.

John Williamson, an executive in residence for COBE and director of the COBE Funding Accelerator program, is the creator of the internship program.

“Within the context of the internship, it’s a little bit of a different experience. You don’t work for a company, you work with a series of entrepreneurs who are doing very innovative, creative, potentially world-changing things,” Williamson said.


For information on how to apply, contact John Williamson.

Read the Arbiter’s COBE internship article.