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Business Students Collaborate with Nursing to Solve a ‘Wicked Problem’

Students from the School of Nursing and the College of Business and Economics are working together to address a potential wicked business problem.

nursing students simulation practice

Nursing and business faculty developed an interdisciplinary project to assign students courses related to business strategy, nursing leadership and management. The students were asked to present a solution to a current, pressing problem in the healthcare industry. The project inspired students to approach the problem from a variety of angles, from increasing the number of patients nurses can treat to addressing the abilities of educational institutions.

“It is essential for nurses to understand the business in which they work because they are trained in bedside manner and patient care, but they are not necessarily trained in ‘What does it mean to be part of a business?’,” said Shelle Poole, clinical associate professor. “Healthcare systems are businesses.”

Houda Abdulrahman, who earned a bachelor’s degree in international business in the spring semester of 2019, proposed a program that encourages retiring nurses to transition to part-time work instead of leaving the workforce altogether.

“Should the nurses decide to participate in the program, the employer would offer full-time benefits even though [these nurses] are working part-time,” she said.

She believes this kind of program may help buy Idaho some time as other programs are implemented at the education and business levels.

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