Nitya Nukala, Class of ’19, Top Ten Scholar

Nitya Nukala

Originally from the southern part of India, Nitya came to the States in 2015. She was attracted to Boise State University by the academic program offerings and because job recruiters seek Boise State graduates. She enjoys Boise and the blend of outdoor activities and academic resources of Boise State.

Nitya worked as an intern at Micron while in school which turned into full-time employment upon her graduation. She is happy in her position as an inbound supply management professional because it challenges her intellectual capacities daily and utilizes her knowledge of supply chain analytics.

Nitya was a Boise State Top Ten Scholar and the COBE 2019 Outstanding Graduate for the Department of Information Technology and Supply Chain Management.

“Boise State has made me the person I am with countless gifted experiences. As I step onto the corporate ladder, I will miss the vibe of an academic institution of conceptually looking into a problem and brainstorming solutions.”

“I am immensely thankful to all the faculty members who supported and helped me through all the highs and lows,” said Nitya. “I believe that without their support my academic and professional experience wouldn’t be meaningful. My Boise State experiences have shaped me as the person I am today and I will employ my knowledge to the best of my abilities and live as a striving Bronco forever.”