Call to Business Alumni for Panel Participation

Are you willing to share your expertise and lessons learned with COBE students?

During Professional Development Month for COBE students, COBE will have panels of professionals during classes to speak on various topics.

Please contact Laura Chiuppi at Send your name, email, title, company name, and the date and time(s) and topic(s) in which you wish to participate as a panelist.

Monday, October 14

12:00-1:15 Business and Communications
12:00-1:15 Compensation and Benefits
1:30-2:45 Business and Communications
3:00-4:00 Human Resources – hiring, firing, retention, compensation, performance management
4:30-5:45 Business and Communications
4:30-5:45 Career story (successes, failures, industry functions)

Tuesday, October 15
12:00-1:00 Discuss accounting professions
1:30-2:45 Design Thinking – how innovation impacts business
1:30-2:45 How communication plays a role in hiring and advancing global businesses