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Financial Student Organization Traveled to New York City

group of students in New York City

Thirteen students from the Financial Management Association (FMA) student group and one COBE faculty member traveled to New York City in early October and met with financial industry leaders. The group visited with several high profile financial institutions to learn more about cutting-edge issues involving financial systems. The firms visited included Goldman Sachs, PJT partners, Bloomberg, Investopedia, Dotdash and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

Jared Egginton, the advisor of FMA, accompanied the students.

“The New York trip was an incredible opportunity for students to connect with leaders in the finance industry,” Egginton said. “Meeting with individuals from top firms helped the students better understand future career opportunities, broadened their networks and allowed them to glean information that will make them more successful going forward.”

Brian Karsann, a junior majoring in accounting and president of the FMA student group, shared what he gained during the New York experience.

boise state students at a large conference table in new york city

“My perception of the finance world shifted after visiting New York with the Financial Management Association,” said Karsann. “I’m grateful for the information I gained from visiting New York and for those people that donated their time to us. After visiting these financial institutions it certainly helps me connect the direction I want to go after school with what I need to do to get there. The biggest thing I gained was understanding the significance of hard work and where it will take you.”