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Boise State Hult Prize Competition – Building Bold Businesses

winnign team Culture U
CultureU team: Nick Chapa, Haydn Bryan, Kendra Peterson and Joe Willert

Congratulations to CultureU, the winner of the Boise State Hult Prize Competition. CultureU is an app designed to provide cultural information to study abroad students to reduce social stigma and integrate students into their environment. The app seeks to honor and preserve cultural traditions and cultivate positive cultural interactions.

In a competition organized by students for students, six teams competed for a potential wildcard to one of the 25+ Hult Prize Regional competitions in a place such as Kuala Lumpur, Mumbai, Ho Chi Min, Dhaka, Washington, DC, Toronto,  Islamabad or Manila. The event took place Friday, December 6 in the Skaggs Hall of Learning.

The 2020 Hult Prize challenge is for global teams to build bold businesses that have a positive net impact on the environment with every sale completed, dollar earned, and decision made and reach no fewer than a million consumers within a decade.

hult prize ompetitors and judges
Competitors and judges

Competitors at the Boise State Hult Prize

  • BLink: Cailey Rankin, Kaela Cullen and Kalyn Walker
  • Culture U: Kendra Peterson, Nick Chapa, Haydn Bryan and Joe Willert
  • Mei Ying Xaio Beautiful Marketing: Noah Machakos, Dante Bogarin, Colin Branham, Wally Bunker, Deivis Halla and AJ Trantham
  • Northwestern Agricultural Consulting: Luis Fuentes, Ashley Stevenson and Noa Bothe
  • Toyka: Kelsey Cooper, Paloma Chumacero and Zuhair Al Kurdi
  • Revolutionize the Way We Do Education: Ibrahim Muse


  • Mark Bannister, dean of the College of Business and Economics
  • Ruth Jebe, assistant professor of business law, Boise State University
  • Laura Mathews, associate state director of finance, Idaho SBDC
  • David McCauley, senior business consultant, Idaho SBDC

Student Executive Committee

  • Busayo Apampa, marketing coordinator
  • Brad Berrett, judge coordinator
  • August Huckabee, recruitment coordinator
  • Connor Kellogg, event coordinator
  • Tshering Tashi Sherpa, director
  • Ammon Stutz, graphic designer
  • Katie Toyoshima, team/logistics coordinator

The Executive Committee gives Their Thanks

“Thank you to all our participants who fearlessly pitched their brilliant startup ideas. A big thanks to Vice President of Student Affairs Leslie Webb for inspirational and thought-provoking opening remarks. Thank you to our judges who graciously gave of their time and asked thoughtful questions that challenged the teams. The teams got practice thinking on their feet. And, thank you to the College of Business and Economics for sponsoring the event.”