Lecturer Jonathan Krutz Promotes Boise State Abroad

jonathan in front of the main NEU building
NEU student Nguyen Thuy Duong Ngo, Boise State Foundation board member Glen Walker; Jonathan Krutz, NEU student Viet Thao Pham and Boise State Public Health Professor Caile Spear in front of the main NEU building.

Department of Marketing Lecturer Jonathan Krutz and his wife, Kim, recently traveled to Vietnam and Ha Long Bay to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary. Not wanting to miss an opportunity to learn and promote Boise State University, Jonathan’s trip included a visit to the National Economics University (NEU) in Hanoi.

Jonathan Krutz with 3 potential Boise State students
Jonathan Krutz with potential Boise State students Nguyen Thuy Duong Ngo, Viet Thao Pham and Tuan Trung Vu.

“Knowing that Boise State was working with NEU to bring students here for our 2+2 program, I arranged a visit,” said Jonathan. “It was great to meet students considering Boise State and answer their questions. Two of the students took us on a tour of the campus.”

Krutz also met Vice Dean Phan Thi Thuc Anh and Undergraduate Department Head Ho Hoang Lan, Ph.D., with the NEU International School of Management and Economics.

“The 20-story main building of NEU’s urban campus rises majestically above its neighborhood,” Krutz noted. “Inside we jostled with crowds of animated students ascending the dramatic spiral ramps leading to its central library.”

Jonathan and Kim Krutz at dinner with lights of hanoi in the background
Jonathan and Kim Krutz (right) with Luong Ngoc Khanh and his wife, Nga Phan, parents of two Boise State students, with a vibrant view of Hanoi.

Also during the trip, the Krutzes had “a delightful dinner” with the parents of Vi and Ha Luong, both students in the COBE Living Learning Community during Jonathan’s time as faculty-in-residence. Ha now works with Clinical Associate Professor Jack Marr on COBE’s international initiatives.