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COBE Staff Wins Two Process Improvement Awards 

process improvement celebration president tromp talking

At the annual Process Improvement Awards on Feb. 20, change-makers in the campus community were recognized for their process improvements. Two awards went to COBE staff.

“It is exciting to be recognized at the university level and it reflects well on all the staff of this college,” said Dean Mark Bannister. “I am thankful to everyone who works to strengthen and streamline COBE’s processes and operations.”

Jan Gabelman, Building the Bench Award
Jan Gabelman – Building the Bench Award

Jan Gabelman, administrative assistant for online programs, was the winner of the Building the Bench Award. This is awarded to an individual or group that innovatively improved the student experience for years to come. Gabelman created a reporting tool to help determine student academic progress and identify at-risk students for additional advising support. Her work increased transparency for advisors, directors and administrative staff and ultimately aided students.

Splendid Self-Sufficiency Award goes to Kirk Smith, Isabel Rowsell, Elaine Lacaillade, Diane Schooley-Pettis and Mark Buchanan (Kili Murphy not pictured)

Winners of the Splendid Self-Sufficiency Award are Isabel Rowsell, Elaine Lacaillade, Kili Murphy, Kirk Smith, Diane Schooley-Pettis and Mark Buchanan. This group is honored for an improvement that has increased autonomy within their group, decentralized processes and made work easier to complete. The team created a common drive and templates for the department’s hiring and onboarding procedures to handle an increase in hiring faculty and adjunct staff. Their success has influenced other departments to adopt similar procedures and templates.

Linda Machado, administrative assistant for COBE Advising Services and a participant on a nominated team, appreciated the value of the process.

“It was a fun and interesting event, full of great ideas,” said Machado. “It was inspiring to see the amount of work and innovation behind the new processes designed to better our college, the university and the many people impacted by these improvements.”

The winners used their prize money to have a pizza party for all COBE nominated staffers.

“There is a lot of staff working to make all our jobs easier and more efficient,” Isabel Rowsell, administrative assistant in the Department of Marketing. “We all benefit from everyone’s work and everyone deserves to win. This is a shared win and a well-deserved group celebration.”

Others nominated from COBE were:

  • Corbin Harp, finance manager in COBE administration, brought a dashboard tracking system (DOMO) to the College of Business and Economics that allows for easy viewing of financial data, budgets, HR processes, employee action forms, foundation accounts and many other reports all in one easy application which has increased transparency and understanding of data.
  • COBE staff David Klungle, Kili Murphy, LaDawn Barrera, Elaine Lacaillade, Isabel Rowsell, Kim Shively, Heather Allan, Jan Gabelman, Linda Machado, Loraine Hand, Monique Halgat and Corbin Harp worked together to share knowledge and champion process improvement ideas for the college. They formed a cohesive team and support network to improve administrative processes.