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2020 Undergraduate Research Showcase

Eighty-four COBE students participated in the 2020 Undergraduate Research Showcase. This is a forum for students from academic disciplines to demonstrate what they have learned.

Lightning Talk Presenters

Holly Bossart, Applied Mathematics, Statistics Emphasis; Economics, Quantitative Emphasis; and Computer Science Minor
Regional Analysis of Mental Disorder Prevalence in Ukraine


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112. Boise’s Construction Market Boom: How Has Boise’s Growth Affected the Industry and Economy
Emily E. Kuehl, Chase Silvestre, Brooke Ross, Avery Williams, Alex Henrie, faculty sponsor: Samia Islam

149. What Would Increase Engagement between the City of Boise and Boise State Students?
Haley Neill, Seth Hayes-Fugal, Bryan Schell, Hanna Veal, Emma Hill, faculty sponsor: Samia Islam

182. Boise’s Hiring Shortage: Why Boise’s Businesses are Unable to Fill Positions
Tyler Qualls, Kali Greenwald, Will Hauscarriague, Joshua Olsen, Trevor Eicher, faculty sponsor: Samia Islam

236. Foreign Gifts and Higher Education: Evidence from the U.S.
Cade White, faculty advisor: Jayash Paudel

242. Government Transparency: Challenges for a Growing City
Abigail Thomson, Alissa Wolfe, Isaac Davis, Zach Marcin, faculty advisor: Samia Islam

244. Unskilled Workers’ Wages in Boise ID?
Tara Allegood, Rachel Yingling, Jared Puglisi, Aaron DeNagy, Katie Wright, faculty advisor: Samia Islam


244. Unskilled Workers’ Wages in Boise, Idaho
Tara Allegood, Rachel Yingling, Jared Puglisi, Aaron DeNagy, Katie Wright, faculty advisor: Samia Islam


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5. Blu-Foot: Making Hands-Free Learning a Reality
Sidney Anderson, Mitch Lambert, Katelyn Murphy, Hannah Winger, faculty advisor: Christy Suciu

13. Better Health-Nutritional Product App
Cassidy Turner, Becca Bettencourt, Jedyn Beebe, Luke Oja

21. Don’t Sweat it – Helping the World Control Their Sweat
Aidan Smith, Giana Borelli, Madi Brown, Lydia Gross, faculty advisor: Christy Suciu

38. Luff for the Skin
Emily Covolo, Kendra Chaffee, Kelby Fipps, Trevor Brendlin, faculty advisor: Christy Suciu

45. Centralized: An All-In-One Billing Service
Dakota Bruneau, Matthew Daniels, Lynsie Pardo, faculty advisor: Christy Suciu

50. Walking Forward Together
Grant Breidenbach, Matthew Dean, Skylar Merschel, Hadley Underwood, faculty advisor: Christy Suciu

52. Easy Biz
Aly Clark, Alessandra Denning, Grant Mullikin, Fran Magee, faculty advisor: Christy Suciu

72. Start-to-finish Stapler
Sophia Gallardo, Whitnee Wall, Carlie Rueth, Nick Malliaras, Alhareth Alhisan, faculty advisor: Christy Suciu

90. Travel Buddy
Tara Kalemba, Collin Hepworth, Victoria Mayer, Suzanne Vaccaro, faculty advisor: Christy Suciu

172. R. E. M.
Kaylene Peet, Jordan Gray, Danielle Daniel, Brandon Hazel, faculty advisor: Christy Suciu

222. Boomer Bucket List
Shaylee A. Thompson, Eli Foli, Michael Storch, faculty advisor: Christy Suciu

231. Idaho Trail Blazers
Kaleigh Hollingsworth, Anes Srna, Rob Verplanck, Stephan Weathers, faculty advisor: Christy Suciu