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Boise State Vietnam Alumni Chapter Gives Back to Alma Mater

Khang in front of MK sign

Broncos are connected and supporting one another not only across America in this difficult time, but truly around the globe. The Boise State Vietnam Alumni Chapter raised 50 million VND (~ $2300) with the intent of giving it to COBE to help with anti-COVID activities at Boise State University. Nguyen Trong Khang, chairman and CEO of MK Group and proud Boise State MBA alumni, informed Dean Mark Bannister of the gift via email and committed that the MK group will donate two temperature measuring cameras manufactured by MK for Boise State to use in fighting the COVID-19 virus.

“I’m extremely grateful to the Vietnam Alumni Chapter, Khang and the MK Group for their generous support of the Boise State community. Their reaching across borders to help students on campus is truly touching,” said Bannister.

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