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COBE Advisory Council Member Sylvia Hampel and Her Clearview Cleaning Team Take Action to Minimize COVID-19 Cases

Sylvia Hampel joined the College of Business and Economics Advisory Council in 2019. She is the founder, president and CEO of Clearview Cleaning. Over the last two decades, she established her company’s reputation as a reliable, highly responsive and environmentally responsible full-service commercial janitorial company.

“We are lucky to have Sylvia on our council,” said COBE Dean Mark Bannister. “Sylvia’s experience and perspective as an entrepreneur who has overcome the substantial challenges that life has thrown at her provides a highly valued point of view to the council. Along the way, she has built Clearview Cleaning. This company is a great example of a company doing well by doing good. They provide a crucial service cleaning commercial buildings, hospitals and other facilities. Clearview Cleaning is hiring and training people as fast as it can. Sylvia is an entrepreneur solving a problem people need addressed and creating jobs.”

With the increase of COVID-19 cases, Clearview Cleaning, jumped on the opportunity to keep people safe from the virus.

“One of the problems we are helping solve is that we got a lot of information,” Hampel said. “We’ve really kept ourselves up-to-date and current. There is a lot of inaccurate information out there and we are working hard to be a accurate resource for the community.”

Hampel also works to find ways to stop the spread of the virus. When cases started appearing, Clearview Cleaning immediately hired and trained people specifically for COVID-19 cleaning. Hampel’s work has created a significant impact in the community because of her focus on keeping the number of COVID-19 cases down.

“We do a really good job at keeping those cases limited,” said Hampel.  “We’ve spent more than 360 hours cleaning places with positive COVID cases and not one of our team members have tested positive for COVID. Not one!”

One of Hampel’s priorities is to prepare existing clients for reopening. Clearview Cleaning works to maintain buildings and keep them fresh so that companies can be ready to reopen quickly. Clearview Cleaning employed more than 100 temporary workers for the COVID-19 crisis and has successfully helped contained the spread in the community while maintaining the health of their team.