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New Film Starring Alumnus Larry Laverty

larry laverty I Am Them

Larry Laverty (B.S. finance ’84, B.A. political science ’85) has been an actor, inside and outside of Hollywood, for over 30 years. He has appeared in over 150 films including Gus Van Sant’s top movie at Cannes, “Elephant,” and Irish filmmaker Dermot Tynan’s movie “Most of the Time,” filmed in Ireland. Laverty will next appear in the political satire “I Am Them” by filmmaker Antony De Gennaro. “I Am Them” is the third film that both individuals have collaborated on and will be released November 1, 2020 through popular channels including Amazon.

Meanwhile, Laverty’s book on Africa’s elephants, Power and Majesty, continues to circulate and the publisher, LID Publishing of London, has agreed to publish a second book on elephants which Laverty has already begun writing.