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COBE Students Runners-up in Idaho Entrepreneur Challenge

Two COBE students placed at the Idaho Entrepreneur Challenge finals held March 31.

In the Social and Environmental Impact Track, the 2nd runner-up was Beaming, created by Alaina Holland and Terra Miller-Cassman. Holland is majoring in supply chain management and Miller-Cassman is a materials science and engineering double major. Beaming is a sustainable solution for repurposed lumber wrap. The company partners with lumber yards to keep used lumber wrap out of landfills, reducing disposal costs for customers while maintaining the convenience of a typical waste hauler.

Entrepreneurship management major Alex Safiran was first runner-up in the Lifestyle and Service Track. His company is Dream Driven Apparel, made-to-order customizable clothing and accessories. Designs are made in-house, printed and then shipped to the customer’s doorstep. More than 130 products have been sold to date. Safiran was also the recipient of the President’s Award.