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Busayo Apampa – Nigeria

By: Sean Luster


Busayo Apampa is a senior business economics student who also expresses interest in the marketing field. She feels that business economics offers a lot of potential job opportunities, and her upbeat personality complements the knowledge she is gaining in her major. Busayo was born in Nigeria and decided to come to Boise State University after reading about the opportunities both on campus and in the community through the university website. Spending her entire undergraduate career in Boise, she commented that she loves the friendly people in the community, the big city/small city feel, and the opportunities that have presented themselves to her.

Even though she focuses on her business economics courses, she enjoyed her management and marketing classes as well and noted, “Watching your ideas be implemented is such a great thing.” For a career, Busayo does not know exactly what she wants to do yet, but she does know that she wants to be excited to go to work every day and be able to apply the analytical aspects of what she is learning in her economics courses.

Throughout her college career, Busayo has tried to get involved in everything she can. “Don’t go through an experience, let the experience go through you,” are the words she lives by, and she has applied that to her college career and will strive to apply that to her future endeavors.