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Nam Do – Vietnam

By: Sean Luster


Nam is in his second and final year of the Career Track MBA program, after graduating with a finance degree from a university in Illinois. He knew he was good at math, but he did not want to get involved in engineering; he wanted to be involved with money in business more than research. Nam grew up in Vietnam and currently works for a firm in Singapore that consults for World Bank-funded projects in Vietnam. Receiving an MBA will give Nam more credibility as a consultant and allow him to follow his aspirations to do independent consulting for finance, banking, and government development.

Working for a Boise State University alumnus, Nam met COBE faculty members, who convinced him to complete his graduate education in Boise. He has enjoyed his time working toward his MBA, and he was on a student team that won the CFA Institute Global Investment Research Challenge in Idaho. Nam is recently married, and he enjoys spending time with his wife, cooking, and reading novels when he has the time.

Nam states, “There are no unfortunate people, but there are people who couldn’t grab their chances,” so he urges everyone to take advantages of the opportunities that present themselves because those chances may not always be there.