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Nitya Nukala

By: Sean Luster

Nitya Nukala

Nitya is a sophomore supply chain management major at Boise State University who is originally from the southern part of India. Although she was not planning on attending college in the United States, Nitya was attracted to Boise State University by academic program offerings and because job recruiters seek Boise State graduates. She has been in Boise for the past year and a half, and she has enjoyed the blend of outdoor activities and academic facilities that Boise has to offer.

Supply chain management is an area of interest to Nitya for multiple reasons. For one, her home country of India has a lack of academic offerings for the major and has a need for it in industry practices. Another reason is that Nitya has been interested in statistics and analyzing data from a young age. In grade school, she enjoyed classes that involved analytical practices, and she feels that supply chain management will allow her to use those skills to help improve businesses in a fundamental way. After graduating, Nitya wants to be able to gain some business experience, hopefully in an international setting, and eventually return home to India. She sees a business opportunity to connect farmers with companies to help the farmers earn fairer wages, and she has ambitious and noble ideas to help make that happen.

Although initially identifying as an introvert, Nitya feels that she has gotten involved with a lot that Boise has to offer, and she has grown in many ways. She sees freedom in attending college away from home, but that freedom has taught her responsibility. Nitya notes, “Even if I fall, I can get back up,” meaning that while she is in school, she wants to learn, grow, and take chances to be even more prepared for her ambitions when she graduates.