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Santosh Chaurasia — Nepal

My Boise State Story! By Santosh Chaurasia

Born and grown up in the middle-class Hindu family in Nepal, I spent my childhood mostly focusing on studying, worshipping and helping my parents farm. The first time I traveled outside of my home country was when I moved to the United States in 2009 for my higher education. Moving here all by myself was the most difficult thing I have ever done. Though I was excited for the first couple of days, excitement turned into challenges and difficulties after I started experiencing culture shock. I realized I was in for a big change and I would have to adapt to this new environment for future success, as education was my first priority.

After completing my undergrad in biology from UT Arlington and working in retail as a shift manager for a while, I decided to pursue business administration for a master’s degree with a clear long-term goal of working in management where I can contribute great value to the organization where I work. My long-term plan also includes giving back to the community by helping the homeless and less fortunate people in any and every way I can.

There’s a saying that everything is universally planned and I truly believe in that. When I was searching for a university, I had many options in Dallas and elsewhere; but what really attracted me to Boise State the most was the Career Track MBA program, which is specially designed for non-business majors and I knew this would be just the right fit for me. I also liked the beauty of the campus as well as the Forbes news featuring Boise as one of the best places to live in. And, coincidentally Boise State has the same blue and orange colors as my undergrad school, UTA. I hadn’t planned such, but this just happened and like I mentioned earlier, “everything is universally planned.”

Having little to no background in business along with financial struggles, getting my MBA was hard; but it is my hardworking ability and persistence that helped me to succeed. I possess diversity- academically, culturally, and experientially. I have a great love for learning. I thank my MBA director and professors for making this MBA journey both interesting and successful. I have passion for people and I make sure that the person next to me is always smiling, even if I don’t sometimes. Such individuality and passion for things I chose to commit make me stand out as a student here at Boise State.

My message to everyone: “Don’t lose hope and keep working hard for your dreams to come true. Also, sometimes people need little help, so please show kindness anytime you can. Thank you Broncos!”