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Student involvement in CEN research

Student training and education lies at the very center of Dr. Simmonds’ research program. Students at all levels are involved in every aspect of the work including: operating/maintaining the MBE system; designing/synthesizing new nanomaterials; characterizing the physical properties of these nanomaterials; creating theoretical models to understand their physics; building devices that capitalize on their novel behavior; reporting their results in peer-reviewed journals and at academic conferences.

Student qualifications needed

Although our group is typically close to full, Dr. Simmonds is always happy to speak with undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in working in the CEN. Although a student’s grades and qualifications are a consideration, perhaps more important is her/his attitude, motivation and desire to search methodically for world-changing solutions to important problems.

What will you learn in our group?

Members of the CEN have the opportunity to use cutting-edge scientific equipment to explore new ideas at the very edge of nanoscience. We offer a welcoming and supportive environment in which we encourage each other as we wrestle with difficult problems and explore new ideas. Working closely with both Dr. Simmonds and other members of the group, students gain a wide range of experimental and practical skills while deepening their understanding of concepts in solid-state physics, quantum mechanics, and semiconductor materials and devices.