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Power Electronics for Harsh Environments

November 10 @ 10:30 am - 11:30 am

Join us for seminar on Wednesday, November 10! Dr. Bruce Gnade is scheduled to present about power electronics for harsh environments. Participate in person at the Micron Engineering Center, room 114 or join us on Zoom.


Harsh environments include things like high temperature, high voltage, different radiation environments, and mechanical vibrations. While many electronic parts used in defense and space applications have always had stringent reliability requirements, more recent applications such as autonomous vehicles and grid-scale renewables and storage put new requirements on many commercial electronic devices. We will discuss how wide band-gap materials and field emission devices may provide solutions for power electronics in harsh environments. We will try to show the correlation between the fundamental physics and chemistry behind the degradation effects and the impact on the operating characteristics of devices.

Speaker Bio

Bruce Gnade received his BA in Chem from St. Louis Univ. in 1976 and his Ph.D. in Nuclear Chem from GaTech in 1982. He is the Exec Dir of the Hart Center for Eng. Leadership at SMU. He was the VP for Res. and the Dis. Chair in Microelectronics at UT Dallas from 2006-2016. At TI he led several R&D groups from 1982-1996. He was at DARPA from 1996-1999. His current research focuses on electronic materials and devices. He is a Fellow of APS, IEEE, and NAI, and is Chair of the BoD of ORAU.