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Undergraduate Engineering Plus Options

View a 21-22 Bachelor of Science in Engineering Four Year Plan

Engineering PLUS Flexibility

Are you looking for a degree with a strong foundation in Engineering and the flexibility to add your own passion to your undergraduate studies?  Are you designing your own app?  Do you bring a flare for business? Do you want to collaborate as part of a team to solve “wicked” social problems?  You can build your PLUS with our advisors and faculty through a combination of Engineering focus and a PLUS Pathway that builds on your interests.   Start building your 4 year plan with a PLUS today with our College of Engineering Advising Office.

Engineering PLUS IDoTeach

Kids IDoTeach

Do you dream of changing the shape of education for young people? The  Engineering Plus IDoTeach Degree offers you many educational options. It prepares you to become certified to teach in a K-12 setting and sets the stage for graduate work in engineering education. See the approved curriculum plan for IDoTeach Engineering.  For more information about IDoTeach, visit:

Engineering PLUS Environmental Engineering

Build on the strong foundation of an Engineering core with natural and physical sciences, sustainability, policy, communication, and community engagement to meet your unique career goals and interests.  Add to that Boise State’s Design Engineering courses and you have the formula to apply your knowledge to real solutions to environmental issues.  Because environmental studies can take students in a wide variety of directions each requiring different pre-requisite courses, we recommend that you consult with us about your interests.  We’ll help you plan how to make your Environmental PLUS.

Engineering PLUS Robotics

With a degree in Engineering Plus Robotics you can play a role in providing tremendous benefits for humanity. Robotics are increasingly being integrated into our everyday lives to increase human capacity in ways that have only a few years ago only existed in science-fiction. Robotics can help reduce human error, increase precision, increase safety, and more in a wide variety of industries and areas of our lives.

Engineering PLUS Business

Engineering Business

Engineering PLUS Business is a wise PLUS for students interested in moving into leadership or management roles as an engineer. Our plus option makes it possible for engineering students to earn a certificate in Business Bridge to Career or to complete the Harvard Business School’s Credential of Readiness through its collaboration with the Boise State College of Innovation and Design.

Engineering PLUS Pre-Medical Preparation


Did you know that engineering offers excellent preparation for careers in medicine? If you are interested in a graduate degree in the bio-mechanical field, becoming a Physician’s Assistant, working in orthopedics, or becoming a medical doctor, your Engineering PLUS degree is an excellent springboard. The recommended pre-requites for medical school admission and MCAT preparation mesh well with the Engineering Plus degree and prepare you for multiple medical pathways after its completion.

Engineering PLUS Psychology


Imagine being part of the engineering design team that helped design a tactile emoticon embedded into the Braille system for people who cannot see or working with AI researchers to teach a computer how to interpret human emotions. These developments are happening NOW and people with a background in Engineering PLUS behavioral sciences such as psychology are at the center of these teams. Read more about how you can add your PLUS in these quickly developing fields for Engineering PLUS Psychology.

Engineering PLUS User Experience Research

Innovation + human experience is what this field is all about.  Use your engineering foundation PLUS courses in Design Ethnography, Engineering Design, Psychology, and others to position yourself in this growing creative field.  UX designers traditionally worked in human-computer interaction, but this field has expanded into almost every industry.  Learn more about UX and, if it sounds like something you’d like to know more about, let’s talk!