Eating well on a budget

Friday, February 21 at Noon in MEC 114

a healthy meal with meat, potatoes and salad

Managing your money can be challenging. Add a busy schedule, and the idea of preparing healthy meals on limited funds can seem impossible. Is there a way to create an affordable diet that’s more than ramen and frozen pizza?

Join us as we look at ways to eat simple, healthy meals without breaking the bank.

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Carly Metcalf
Carly Metcalf, RDN, LD

Carly Metcalf has had a passion for health and nutrition since her days as a child growing up in Eagle River, Alaska. She is a Registered Dietitian at The Idaho Foodbank and that does not include the title of Food Police. She believes that ALL FOODS FIT into a healthy diet and that simple, budget-friendly changes can make a positive impact. She considers herself a “foodie” and loves to share her passions with hungry Idahoans.

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