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DACA & Idaho Opportunity Scholarship 2021-2022

DACA students can receive up to $3500/year through the Idaho Opportunity Scholarship. The students must submit the scholarship application and their FAFSA by March 1, 2021.

  1. DACA students must sign up and create an account on the Idaho State Board of Education website:
  2. DACA students will then complete the Idaho Opportunity Scholarship application.
  3. DACA students must then make sure to create an FSA ID in order to complete the FAFSA online.
  4. DACA students then will fill out the FAFSA, by making  sure the following information is entered:
    • DACA students must answer their status question by selecting the option “No, I am not a citizen or eligible noncitizen.”
    • Please note that when they fill out the parent’s information, they will need to complete it with zeros (000-00-0000) if the parents are undocumented.
    • The student will need to print out the signature page and make sure one of their parents signs this sheet and sends it to the FAFSA processing center (address can be found at the bottom of the signature page).
    • Joy Miller, Scholarship Program Manager for the Idaho Opportunity Scholarship, will use the EFC from the FAFSA for the DACA students to determine their eligibility for the Idaho Opportunity Scholarship.
    • The following link will provide additional information that is helpful for DACA students:

Please note DACA students are not eligible to receive any financial aid, however, this process will help in making them eligible for the Idaho Opportunity Scholarship.