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Student Organizations

EASE Student Event

In addition, many of the activities these organizations propose to focus on enhancing academic performance, providing community service, and stimulating social interaction among members.

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Aerospace Club

We are the Boise State Aerospace Club. We are a club largely dedicated to hands-on aerospace-related projects, ranging from RC aircraft builds to opportunities to participate in national aerospace design competitions. If you’re interested in hands-on engineering and design, or if you’re interested in the aerospace field or industry, the Aerospace Club is for you

Advisor: Sarah Haight

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AI Club

Are you interested, curious, or knowledgeable about Artificial Intelligence?

The AI Club is a group of students (both undergraduate and graduate) that are interested in AI and seek a place to talk about it. Our goal is to form a community of interested students that share knowledge, passion, and skills.

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Association of Computing Machinery – Women (ACM-W)

President: Jesse Auvil
Vice President and Financial Officer: Sandra Busch
Secretary: Chinwendum
Advisor: Sole Pere

Baja Racing Club (SAE)

The purpose of this organization is to provide students with the opportunity to work on a real-world, challenging engineering design project. The club’s existence will help them to gain the following skills: proficiently working as a team to create and implement new ideas, overcome design-related challenges, and successfully manufacture a vehicle to be raced/tested in a national collegiate competition.


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Civil Engineering Club - Concrete Canoe (ASCE)

President: Eli Loudenback
Vice President: Nikolas Rizzo
Treasurer: Allie Arizmendi Sanchez
Secretary: Ryan Huebner
Mold Captain: Marcus Boeck
Mold Captain Assistant: Mark Finnerty
Concrete Captain: Katherine Tovey
Concrete Captain Assistant: Colton Toney
Service Chair: Miriam Muntean
Advisor: Nick Hudyma and Brice McLaughlin

Construction Management Association (CMA)

The Construction Management Association (CMA) is a group of Boise State students interested in the Construction and Development Industry. The CMA is the Boise Student Chapter of the Association of General Contractors, otherwise known as the AGC. The CMA has been in existence for over thirty years. The club offers BSU students many opportunities to further their education and professional careers. Specifically, members are given: – Service learning – Meet industry leaders – Project management experience – Volunteer in the community – Hands on experience.

Advisor: Casey Cline
CMA Facebook-

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CyberSecurity Club

President: Sean O’Toole

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

Chair: Elijah
Vice Chair: Zong Yin
Treasurer: Royce
Secretary: Ashton
Sophomore Rep: Tevin Poudrier
Faculty Advisor:  Elisa Barney

Materials Science and Engineering Club

The Materials Science Club at Boise State University is a place for current and prospective students to meet and interact. The Materials Science Club strives to increase community interest in the dynamic field of materials science. We have fun events like the MSE Pi Day (where you vote to get a professor pie’d) and regular social events. We also provide resume workshops/professional Q&A sessions and expose all students to researchers, faculty, and graduate students within the field of materials science and engineering. Outreach events at local schools are fun and a great experience for students to reach out to the local community. In addition, every year we strive to give student members (especially undergraduate students) opportunities to attend materials science conferences (i.e., TMS).

Advisors: Amy Moll and Jessica Economy
Support StaffLynn Olson
Facebook: BSU MSE Club

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Mechanical Engineering Society (SAE, ASME, ASHRAE)

The Mechanical Engineering Club is a group of students devoted to gaining hands-on experience in their respective fields of engineering. We strive to apply what we’ve learned in the classroom to our organization and future club projects. Finally, we hope to develop strong mentor relationships to maintain involvement and continuation in our field of study.


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Nuclear Engineering Club

The Nuclear Energy Club gives students a venue to explore nuclear technology, professional development opportunities and help educate the community about nuclear enabling technologies. We also host social events for students to connect with faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students interested in nuclear and renewable energy sources.


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Phi Sigma Rho

Phi Sigma Rho is a sorority for women in engineering and technical science majors. We are a group of women who want to succeed academically but are also interested in the social aspects of a traditional sorority. In other words, its the best mix of school and sorority life for women in engineering and technical science majors. We have fun activities such as social events and a retreat each semester where we bond over our shared love and stress of our chosen majors.

Instagram @phisigmarho_bsu

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Queer STEM Club (QSTEM)

n this club, members will discuss and find support for any academic or social hardships they face because of their queer identities, learn about scholarships and opportunities for LGBT+ students in STEM, discuss LGBT+ history and culture (with a focus on people/events in STEM), and receive general academic and social support/advice.

Our main way of interaction/communication is on our Discord server. See the external website link for an invite link.

Though the club will have a heavy emphasis on STEM subjects, any interested person of any major can join. Contact us for more info.


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Sigma Lambda Chi (CM Honor)

Department of Construction Management’s Honor Society. A group of faculty and students working along side one another to engage in construction related community service activities, educational seminars, and overall relationship building between industry personnel and students.


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Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE)

Mission: SHPE changes lives by empowering the Hispanic community to realize its fullest potential and to impact the world through STEM awareness, access, support and development. Vision: SHPE’s vision is a world where all individuals and ethnicities are equally valued and influential as the leading innovators, scientists, mathematicians, and engineers.

Advisor: Sole Pera
Support StaffLeandra Aburusa

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Tau Beta Pi- (Idaho Gamma Chapter)

About Tau Beta Pi Tau Beta Pi was founded at Lehigh University in 1885 making it the second oldest honor society in the nation. Its continued efforts at creating a tight knit community for engineering students of distinguished scholarship and exemplary character for over 100 years makes it the oldest and most prestigious Engineering Honor Society in the nation. Tau Beta Pi is also the only Engineering Honor Society that represents all fields of the engineering profession. Tau Beta Pi has created an environment in which engineering students can be acknowledged for their hard work and also allows students to form more connections with employers and luminaries in the area. Joining Tau Beta Pi means becoming part of an organization that is bigger than any one person or university. With over 200 chapters, Tau Bates initiate into an active network of information and support. Boise State – Idaho Gamma Chapter The Boise State Tau Beta Pi Chapter was established on March 13th, 2010. With over 100 members, it is a growing group of the best Engineering Students in and from Boise State University. Being invited to join the Idaho Gamma Chapter as a junior means you are in the top 12.5% of your class of all engineering majors. Being invited as a senior means you are in the top 20%. Beyond engineering, Tau Beta Pi is committed to community service and several volunteer opportunities, as well as social events, are held throughout the school year for the members and potential initiates.

Advisor: Don Plumlee

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Women In Construction, Engineering, and Development (WICED)

Welcome to WICED! We are Women in Construction, Engineering, and Development. We consist of a group of college students who understands and appreciates the value in learning from the professionals who have done this before we have. We would like to set an example for high school students who are interested in all different areas of this industry, and provide the opportunity for college students to meet with industry professionals. Come meet with us every other Thursday at 4:30PM feel free to bring friends and questions.


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