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Transfer Students

When you are admitted to Boise State University you are given a date and time to attend an Orientation, Advising, and Registration program. This date is also your enrollment appointment day and time. You will be allowed to register on BroncoWeb between that time and the deadline for registration for the semester. We encourage all students to attend Orientation in person, we also understand that there may be schedule conflicts. You are now able to access on-line much of the same information given during the in-person (on campus) orientation.

What to do first!

  1. Contact an Academic advisor
  2. What you need to know about academic advising
  3. Review university core courses
  4. Explore majors/careers
  5. Browse the Boise State University Undergraduate Catalog for your degree requirements
  6. Choose a student success course
  7. Fill out your long term planner (this may be done at a later time)
  8. If you need to take placement exams
  9. Reading your transfer credit evaluation
  10. Academic adjustment Forms

Now that you have completed the above steps:

  1. Register using BroncoWeb
  2. Check your BroncoMail account

After you have registered:

  1. Tour the campus with a current Boise State student who can show you exactly where your classes are!
  2. Buy your books early in order to take advantage of “used book” prices at the Bookstore on campus!
  3. Pose for a photograph when you get your Boise State University photo ID card – the key to the Bronco Kingdom! Make sure you bring a copy of your schedule and a photo ID. The Campus ID office is located on the first floor of the Student Union, just down the hall from The Bookstore.
  4. Pay your bill, either in Payment and Disbursement, drop off check in a drop box (make sure you include your Student ID number), pay by phone (208)426-1212 with your credit card, or check out the I-Pay option.
  5. Purchase a parking permit if you plan to park on campus – general permits are only $69.00 per year!
  6. Sample the Bronco Shuttle service, which can speed you to your classes anywhere on campus!