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Research At A Glance

Explore our college’s research directory to learn about wide-ranging physical and social science research. We welcome research inquiries and collaboration from potential students, other academic institutions, industry personnel, and entrepreneurs in the larger community and region.

Below. Below are unit overviews and then individual listings by school and department. For academic research, see Engineering Computer Labs and Teaching Consoles.


Some college units offer overviews with details such as research areas and groups, labs, facilities, equipment, services, and awards.

Individual and Team Research

Locations: City Center Plaza (CCP) and the U.S. Bank Building next door (U.S. Bank); Charles P. Ruch Engineering (RUCH); the Environmental Research Building (ERB); Harry Morrison Civil Engineering (HML); the Micron Center for Materials Research (MCMR); the Micron Engineering Center (MEC); the Multipurpose Classroom Building (MPCB), and the Yanke Family Research Park (YFRB). Directions: Search by code or name at the Campus Map.

Spring 2022

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Research at a Glance

Civil Engineering

Construction Management is in the RUCH facility. Anthony Perrenoud directs this multi-institutional group that conducts and applies research to promote the construction industry, educate its workers, and attract future workers.

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering

Micron School of Materials Science and Engineering

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