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Support for Faculty

Research support is available to our faculty. If you engage in scholarship at the College of Engineering, our Office of Research Development & Support is here to help. Visit our site exclusively for Boise State faculty to learn about our services, and gain from a host of resources.

Visit Research Development & Support Site

10 Ways we Help

The Office of Research Development & Support helps college faculty to:

  1. Develop Research Programs and Projects
  2. Find and Extend Funding with the Right Funders and Solicitations
  3. Use White Papers to Validate Research Project Ideas
  4. Find Collaborators and Institutional Resources
  5. Write Competitive Proposals
  6. Get Proposals Reviewed
  7. Build Teams and Lead Projects
  8. Develop and Manage Budgets
  9. Resubmit Proposals
  10. Get Advanced Hardware and Software Support

We also coordinate with other college personnel to ensure you have needed research facilities, tools, and accounting support.