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Engineering Outreach Champion

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Engineering and Science Festival

Why do students decide to become engineers or computer scientists? For many Boise State students, their interest in engineering and technology was sparked by participating in a fun and engaging activity before they enrolled in college. This is why, in the College of Engineering, we are dedicated to bringing engineering exploration and the pursuit of STEM learning to students of all ages in our community. We create interactive learning activities that connect students with engineers and computer scientists so they can learn first -hand the connection between, engineering, technology, the power of computing and our quality of life.

We are proud to report that the demand for our outreach activities is growing every year! We now face the challenge of increasing these opportunities to help keep pace with that demand. You can help make a difference by donating to the cost of these activities.

Please join us in our commitment to inspire future engineers by becoming an Engineering Outreach Champion!

JoAnn S. Lighty
Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering

Engineering and Science Festival

Engineering & Science Festival is a FREE event for all ages with a wide variety of engaging activities designed for K-12 students and their family.

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Summer Camps


June 2-4, 2019


June 7-8, 2019