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10 Ways to Relieve Stress

Can you believe we’re already halfway through the fall semester?

The weather is cooling down, but some students might still feel the heat. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with classes and tests, try these 10 ways to relieve stress.

  1. Try a creative outlet

Having a creative outlet can help clear your mind. Try drawing, painting, music, embroidery or anything else that interests you. This will help you reset and come back to your work refreshed.

2. Exercise

Exercise is a great mood enhancer, even in short bursts. The Rec Center is free for students and an excellent place to workout. Workout solo or try one of the free group fitness classes. There’s no time to weight, run over to the Rec.

3. Listen to music

Listen to upbeat music and improve your mood on your way to class, or listen to calming songs to slow your heart rate and soothe you. Either way, music is a great way to feel more relaxed. Try this playlist on Spotify, “Relax & Unwind”.

4. Build healthy sleep habits

Sleeping can help relax your brain and lower your stress hormones. By maintaining a consistent sleep schedule, you’ll wake up and fall asleep easier.

5. Spend some time outside

Time outside can decrease your anxiety and make you feel more connected to nature. As we roll into fall you can go hiking, visit pumpkin patches and bike around campus.

6. Go to a yoga class

Yoga is a great way to relax your brain and body. The Rec Center offers yoga classes everyday Monday – Saturday.

7. Play with a pet

Run and find a dog, immediately. Nothing calms the mind like playing with a pet or taking it on a walk. Broncofit brings therapy dogs to various campus locations every month. Click on the link for dates

8. Declutter

Decluttering your surroundings can declutter your mind. Excessive clutter can send signals to the brain that something needs to be done. Cleaning up reduces anxiety.

9. Journaling

Writing can induce a sense of calmness. It can also help you sort through your feelings and possibly find the reasons for your stress. Check out “33 Journal Prompts for Mental Health” at

10. Take a break from social media

Social media causes high levels of stress in young adults. By cutting back on social media exposure, you can avoid negative comparisons, as well as make more time for the important things, like family and friends.

Mix and match these tips to find what works for you. Taking time for your health will help you feel better both physically and mentally for the rest of the school year.