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Make the most of YOUR college experience

There’s no better way to meet individuals with shared passions than joining a student organization.

Student organizations cover a wide scope of topics that provide hands-on participation, leadership roles, volunteer hours, and an opportunity to make life-long friends. These are the experiences you’ll remember years from now.

Getting involved also helps you settle into college. A recent transfer student, Adelle Cron shares, “Joining a club helped me find a diverse group of friends that all share a similar passion and helped start my BSU journey on the right foot,”.

There’s a number of ways to get involved through student organizations. The first step is finding the right one for you. Each organization offers a unique chance to elevate your college experience with college credits, a competitive team experience, and pre-professional practice.

These are some of the student organizations associated with the Department of Communication & Media:

The Arbiter.  The Arbiter is the student-operated newspaper where students have power and editorial decisions. Students can write about their interests, gain professional experience, and earn class credit. For more information contact Logan Potter, Editor-in-Chief at

Blue House Agency. Blue House Agency is a student-run public relations firm that connects students and the community to provide mutually beneficial PR work. Blue House Agency works with clients to provide students with professional experience. Blue House members gain skills, complete fundamental public relations tasks, and build a diverse public relations portfolio.

Join Blue House by enrolling in MEDIA 113 Blue House Agency. Advanced students can apply to join Blue House 413, the department’s in-house communications and marketing team. To apply to Blue House 413, submit your resume and letter of intent to

Talkin’ Broncos. The Talkin’ Broncos is a national champion speech and debate team that has just earned it’s 5th consecutive national championship. Join the team by applying for the class next semester or earn credit as a “walk-on” by contacting the Director of Forensics, Dr. Manda Hicks at

University Pulse. University Pulse is an online independent student radio station. Student members use professional-level technology to promote original content, express themselves, and gain professional radio experience. The application for new radio producers is always open online at Email for more information.

University Television Productions. UTP records and broadcasts a wide range of educational, cultural and sports programs. UTP students learn broadcasting skills through a number of classes.  Visit their website for more information or register for MEDIA 117 UTP.

The Visual Culture Club. The Visual Culture Club explores culture through multimedia visuals such as memes, fashion, photography, and dance. VCC encourages each member to create a project of their choosing, to represent any faucet of their individual culture and style. To get involved email

By joining a student organization you can meet people outside of the classroom and grow your network. Make time to develop life-long passions through unique college experiences that you will always remember.