Connect your present to your future with Career Coach Jamie Jensen

While there are many resources that can help you prepare for life after college, Communication and Media is one of only two departments at BSU with a specialized career coach. Jamie Jensen prepares communication and media students by recommending areas of skill development, providing job advice, and helping them set clear goals.

“Communication and media are diverse areas,” says Jensen. “You might miss out on an opportunity because you don’t see how it ties to your goals. I look for opportunities both in and out of the classroom so you can get the most out of your college experience and prepare for life after school.”

Students are busy and focused on the hard work of getting through college. Sometimes graduation can sneak up on them before they have a chance to prepare for the next chapter in their lives. A career coach can help them fill the gap and connect their present activities with their future goals.

“We explore additional things you could be doing now that will be helpful to what you want to do in the future,” says Jensen. “You don’t need to wait until you’re a senior to start planning.”

Jensen works with students at all academic levels and stages of career development. He recommends students start planning early so they have the chance to take advantage of opportunities as they advance through school. You can schedule an appointment with Jamie at