Prepare for next semester with 5 Tips from Career Coach Jamie Jensen

October is almost over and registration for the spring semester opens soon. It’s time to get comfortable, settle in, and start planning what you want to accomplish next.

Have you scheduled time with our career coach yet? If not, don’t panic. We asked Jamie Jensen for five tips to help you be successful now and prepare for the upcoming semester.

  1. Show up. Go to your classes. It sounds simple, but attendance has a huge impact on long-term success. So bundle up, grab your coffee, and get to class.
  2. Take advantage. Utilize the campus resources available to help support you. Your professors, peers, tutoring and library staff all want to help you succeed.
  3. Track your success. You are learning skills in your classes that are transferable to your future success such as teamwork, time management, communication, and goal setting. It may be hard to remember what you learned in your classes a year from now if you don’t write it down.
  4. Find opportunities. Look for student jobs, internships, professional employment opportunities, and events on Handshake. Supplement your college experience and explore things you can do now that will be helpful to what you want to do in the future.
  5. Be proactive. Meet with your advisor and career coach early and often. This will not only keep you on track to graduate but also help you keep up with industry changes and career opportunities. You can schedule an appointment with a department advisor at or with Career Coach Jamie Jensen at