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5 tips for REGISTRATION NAVIGATION or: How to Avoid Taking Classes You Never Wanted or Needed

By Dustin S. Isaacson

Spring registration is now open, and students are once again on the hunt for classes that will keep them on track to graduate without boring them to tears. Here are 5 key tips to help you achieve the spring semester of your dreams.

1. Track your Progress

    • Know your degree requirements, deadlines, and the policies relevant to your catalog year.
    • Use the Academic Advising Report (AAR) and an unofficial transcript to track your progress.
    • The Registrar’s office uses the AAR to evaluate your eligibility for graduation.

2. Track your Success

  • Maintain a personal record of your successes in classes. A project you enjoyed this semester can help you choose an elective course next semester where you can build on that. Use the things you find interesting and you are successful in your current courses to choose
  1. Courses that interest you
  2. Courses that are applicable to your academic plan
  3. Courses that can broaden your interests

3. Know your Opportunities

  • Consider your options. There are many different courses, organizations, and clubs that you can take advantage of during your time here. These opportunities can give you the chance to try different things and gain new experiences. You might want to add one of the following:

4. Make an Appointment

    • Schedule an appointment at
    • Arrive on time
      ○ The adviser’s schedules are very tight during registration. Arrive on time so that you get the help you need.
    • Walk-ins
      ○ If you have a quick question – one that can be answered in 5 minutes or less – you may utilize walk-in appointments.
      Walk-ins are first-come, first served. Check-in at the front office during drop-in hours and you will be seen in the order in which you arrived.

5. Reap the Rewards

    • Planning ahead will help you find the courses that will get you to graduation, but also help you explore new areas, build on your successes, and enjoy your college experience.