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Why You Should Join Blue House 413

Blue House 413 is the in-house communications and marketing team for the Department of Communication & Media. BH 413 students assist with outreach efforts; create content; manage events; manage the department’s social media; promote the department; write articles; and share department stories.

The team is made up of advanced students from all majors who want to build their portfolios and supplement their existing experience in public relations, journalism, media production, graphic design, writing, social media, campaign management, promotions, and/or events planning.

This semester Danya Ramirez, a senior in Media Arts with an emphasis in Public Relations, is serving as a project manager for the team. For the last three semesters, Ramirez has helped BH413 direct social media efforts and feature-writing.

“I’m enjoying the opportunity to direct projects and train other team members. BH413 has provided me with some great resume content. So far, I’ve helped plan events, train other students on social media coordination, and write features for the department website,” Ramirez said.

Austin Bricker, a senior in Media Arts with an emphasis in Media Production, joined the team this semester. He has been designing promotional materials, working on department identity management projects, and developing media production guidelines.

“I completed projects this semester that will look great on my resume and I got to meet some fun people,” Bricker said.

BH413 faculty supervisor Dr. MF Casper is impressed with the work students produce.

“Students are interviewed for a place on the team, so we know that they are qualified to work on professional projects. We work with tight deadlines and sometimes difficult schedules, but it always gets done. I’m proud to work with this group of motivated, ambitious students,” Casper said.

To be part of the Spring 2020 team, send your resume to