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Idaho Professors Pivot To Online Teaching, Using Opportunity To Innovate

Book Gunter working on a car
Brock Gunter, alone in the automotive shop, preparing a virtual lesson for his students using a GoPro camera.
Nathan Snyder next to studio set-up including camera, tripod, mouse, and screen.
Nathan Snyder in his “home” studio.

Listen to the segment on Boise State Public Radio.

When college classes moved online almost two months ago, students were nervous about how they’d be able to learn with this new format. But their professors were also struggling with the same thought: how to effectively teach their students remotely.

Professors across the state got to work, coming up with innovative solutions to bridging the expanse of distance learning.

Joining Idaho Matters today to talk about how they’ve taken this challenge head-on, are Brock Gunter, an automotive technology professor at Idaho State University, and Nathaniel Snyder, a TV and audio production professor at Boise State University.