Dr. John McClellan


Associate Professor
Office: C-103
Phone: (208) 426-2450
Office Hours: 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm, by appointment


COMM 389 Theory and Philosophy of Comm
COMM 498 Communication Seminar
COMM 593 Thesis
COMM 690 Master’s Comprehensive Exam

Teaching Specialties: Relational and organizational communication, organizational discourse, collaborative change, and critical communication perspectives

Dr. McClellan currently teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in organizational communication, group interaction, interpersonal communication, and critical theory including COMM 356: Communication in the Small Group, COMM 361: Organizational Communication, COMM 431: Small Group Theory and Research, COMM 432: Advanced Organizational Communication, COMM 471: Advanced Interpersonal Communication, COMM 511: Critical Theory, and COMM 583: Advanced Organizational Communication.

Research Interests/Activities: See biography below


John McClellan (PhD, University of Colorado at Boulder) studies the discursive qualities of organizing with attention to issues of knowledge, identity, collaboration, and change. With an interest in communicative approaches for living and working together in an increasingly pluralistic society, his research explores collaborative practices that might enable creative decision-making and mutually-beneficial, sustainable ways of organizing. As a former organizational change strategy consultant, his research attends to organizing discourses that simultaneously enable and constrain opportunities to transform the ways we understand and engage organizational life.