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Using the correct logo is very important when creating well-branded materials. Boise State’s primary logo is the University Signature Mark, which is the Boise State B symbol with the words “Boise State University” beneath.

The University Signature Mark

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Boise State Logos

Stacked Left-Aligned Mark

Stacked Left-Aligned Mark

Best for small spaces like mobile ads and large spaces where text needs to be larger for easy reading.

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Companion Marks

Companion Mark Example

In most cases, Boise State, departments, programs, centers and other administrative units can use a companion mark as their logo for printed materials. These marks are created to be supportive of the University Signature Mark and maintain the integrity of the brand. Companion marks are comprised of the Signature Mark with the name of the academic or administrative unit underneath. The mark should not be combined with any event, cause or tagline, and may not be used on web pages or other digital content.

Department, programs, centers or other administrative units may not build their own companion marks. Request a companion logo at

  • The Companion Mark is intended to be an identifier for the college, school, department or center. It is not intended to be an organizational chart showing reporting lines.
  • For administrative units, it is recommended that the Companion Logo does not exceed the secondary level of identifiers.
  • Centers and colleges should be listed as the primary identifier.
  • Departments, schools and offices may be listed as the secondary identifier beneath their respective colleges or centers.
  • Programs, in general, do not have their own Companion Mark unless they do not fall within a specified department.
  • In accordance with editorial standards, “and” should be used, not an ampersand, where needed in department or other names.
  • Stacked and Left-Aligned Versions are not provided for Companion Marks due to space and size restrictions. It is required that the Signature Mark is used in such instances.
  • Companion Marks may only be used with printed materials.

Athletics Mark

Bronco Logo

The Bronco logo is the identifying mark for Boise State University’s athletic programs. No use of the Bronco logo other than by the Department of Athletics is allowed without prior permission from the Director of Trademark Licensing and Enforcement. Additionally, the use of the Bronco logo for commercial purposes is strictly licensed and monitored. Please visit the Office of Trademark Licensing and Enforcement website for more information.

Use of horse images

No images of horses may be used as secondary logos or as marketing symbols, for any departments, whether Athletics or Institutional. Such use could dilute the strength and value of the spirit mark — the Boise State Bronco. Uses of photographs of the horse statues from campus may be a good substitute for marketing materials if “bronco horse” imagery is needed.

There are some caricatures of Boise State Athletics’ mascot, Buster Bronco, which are approved for use as designs on merchandise, or for use by Student Clubs. Limited Buster caricatures may be permitted for merchandise that is created by licensees for retail sales, for example, on children’s clothes. For more information or approval on designs, contact the Director of Trademark Licensing and Enforcement. To request an appearance by Buster at an event or other function, contact the Boise State Athletics Spirit Squad.

University Seal

The university seal, designed in 1968, features Boise’s natural environ­ment and includes the university name and the Latin phrase “Splendor Sine Occasu” which translates as “Splendor Without End.”

As the official imprimatur of the university, the university seal is reserved for use on formal and official documents, such as diplomas, certificates, legal documents and seals, resolutions and plaques. The seal is also used as a watermark on the university’s stationery. The seal is the legal signature of the university. It must not be altered in any way.

The seal may not be used as an identifier for the University. It is not to be used on letterhead (other than as a watermark or by the President’s Office), envelopes, business cards, web pages or general publications. Use of the seal is reserved for diplomas and other graduation items. Permission for use of the university seal must be obtained from the Director of Trademark Licensing and Enforcement, with final approval from the President’s Office.

Secondary Logos and Endorsed Identities

Most secondary logos, such as individual logos for departments, programs or centers, are prohibited because they reduce the impact and effectiveness of the university’s brand identity. Academic and administrative departments, colleges, schools, centers, programs and other units should use a companion mark for their logo.

A few exceptions have specific business reasons to have an alternative logo, such as Taco Bell Arena and the Morrison Center for the Performing Arts. Any other secondary logos/endorsed identities require approval for such dispensation from the Brand Committee (

Describing Logos and Marks

To meet accessibility requirements for digital content, logo and signature marks must contain an appropriate alternative text description. For more details on describing Logos and Marks see Alternative Text Descriptions on Logo Usage Guidelines.

Trademark Notice

Use of Boise State University’s name, logo, college colors and other marks without appropriate license or permission is strictly prohibited. Any use of the Boise State name, trademarks or any other indicia, on goods and merchandise, whether promotional or for resale, or in association with third-party services requires approval from the Director of Trademark Licensing and Enforcement.

Trademark Licensing and Enforcement