Photo and Video Services

Photo Services

Photographic Services at Boise State University is located in Room 114 of the SMASH Building on the west side of the main Boise campus. Photographic Services provides high-quality images and professional photography services to the campus community. Our mission is to promote Boise State by providing images to various departments and to chronicle campus life and events as they happen.

What We Offer

  • Original images for publications, Web sites, PowerPoint presentations and more
  • Studio, location and event photography
  • Extensive digital archive with thousands of current and historical images including campus scenes, students, classrooms, events, portraits and more
  • Images seen in Boise State’s Year In Pictures, Ubook, FOCUS magazine and online gallery
  • Assistance for editors of campus publications with the visualization, implementation and execution of photography and illustrations for use in university publications and other promotional material

For questions about coverage, or to schedule portrait appointments, please contact the Administrative Assistant.

Note: When requesting service please consider how the photos will be used. There may be a $5.00 departmental charge for studio portraits service. Ask for details.

Video Services

Video services are devoted to content creation for the university main web presence, but we also can assist with productions for events and marketing purposes. If considering a video for your event or department, it is very important to contact us as early as possible in the process.

For inquires, please contact the Video Specialist.

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