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Dylan Mikesell

Associate Professor, Geophysics
Department of Geosciences
Boise State University

Environmental Research Building, RM 3165

Personal Website


Ph.D. in Geophysics, Boise State University, Seismology emphasis, 2012
BSC in Geophysical Engineering, Colorado School of Mines, 2006


Research Presentation 

Research Interests

Seismic and ionospheric imaging and monitoring, wave propagation, image processing, signal processing, compressed sensing, machine learning applications in geophysics, full-waveform inversion

Current Projects

Developing a software package called IonoSeis to do the forward simulation of ionospheric signals caused by earthquakes and tsunamis.

Current Students 

Gabriel Gribler, Ph.D. emphasis in Geophysics; Gabe is working on global optimization of the multi-component surface wave data.

Zongbo Xu, Ph.D., emphasis in Geophysics; Zongbo is working on a multicomponent full-waveform inversion of seismic noise sources

John Paustian, MSC, emphasis in Geophysics; John is working on machine learning applications in drone-based geologic imagery to characterize erupted material at volcanoes.