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Grady Wright

Professor, Department of Mathematics

Co-Director, Computing PhD

Boise State University
Mathematics Building 140
(208) 426-4674

Personal Website


Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics, University of Colorado, May 2003
B.S. in Mathematics, Westminster College, May 1997

Research Interests

Computational Math, Scientific Computing, Numerical Methods for PDEs, Approximation Theory, Mathematics of Data Science, Computational Geosciences, and Mathematical Biology

Opportunities for Students

Please contact me directly if you are interested in any of the topics listed previously

Current Projects

  • High-order mesh-free algorithms applied to bulk-surface biomechanical problems
  • Fast and accurate algorithms for data analysis on the sphere
  • Parallel iterative solvers for elliptic equations on adaptively refined block-structured Cartesian grids
  • Optimal-complexity spectral methods for complex fluids

Current Students

  • Michael Chiwere, Computing Ph.D. Program, CMSE Emphasis

Former Students

  • Kathryn Drake, Computing Ph.D. Program, CMSE Emphasis
  • Andrew Jones, Computing Ph.D. Program, CMSE Emphasis