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Julia Thom Oxford


Professor, Biological Sciences and Biomolecular Research Center
Boise State University

Mathematics Building 225
(208) 426-2395

Julia’s Website


Ph.D. Biophysics and Biochemistry, Washington State University
M.A. Biophysics and Biochemistry, Washington State University
B.S. Chemistry and Biology, Linfield College

Research Interests

Extracellular matrix, proteomics; protein structure and function; molecular interactions.

Current Students

Makenna Hardy

Biomolecular Sciences, 2021 graduation; molecular structures that support inner ear development

Conner Patricelli

Biomolecular Sciences, 2023 graduation; cardiac tissue remodeling and repair

Roxanne Stone

Biomechanical Engineering, 2020 graduation; cartilage regeneration

Kali Woods

Biomolecular Sciences, 2020 graduation; stem cell mechanotransduction and radioresistance