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Craig Primer



Emphasis in Data Science
B.S. in Nuclear Engineering Technology

Advisor: Hoda Mehrpouyan


I have been working in the nuclear power industry for over twenty-five years. During the last five, my focus has shifted to research in the areas of plant automation, digital twins, advanced instrumentation and cybersecurity. I now work at Idaho National Laboratory (INL) with research teams working to develop solutions needed to stay competitive in the energy sector.

The current light water reactor fleet and the next generation advanced reactors must transition to advanced controls and analytics to stay competitive. There is a clear understanding in the nuclear industry of this need, but not a clear solution of how to accomplish this. I am interested in leading research that delivers these solutions, providing levels of automation and analytics to improve both operational efficiency and safety. The goal of this research will leverage computing and data science to develop methods for using extracted data stream information to quantify the state of the nuclear system, diagnose component and system degradation, and forecast its future state. This will include the ability to assess the probability of failures and uncertainties associated with the predictions and identify options for operational actions based on the current and future states of the nuclear system.