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Ying Wang - AI Powered Product Innovations

February 27 @ 10:30 am - 11:30 am MST

Ying Wang – Partner Director at Microsoft

Thursday, February 27th, at 10:30 AM in CCP Room 259

AI Powered Product Innovations

Ying Wang is currently Partner Director at Microsoft. In the past three and half
years, Ying and extended teams in China and Japan have been innovating and advancing lifelike AI
experiences, known as the Xiaoice and Xiaoice Avatar Framework. In this talk, Ying will share this unique
journey in Microsoft, her key learnings and insights in an AI development model, which resulted in the
highly innovative and impactful AI products in markets. From there, Ying will explore topics such as the
advancement of machine learning capabilities, and how product leaders, product designers, applied
data scientists and evaluators all work together in shipping responsible and responsive AI experiences.
As a seasoned manager, Ying will also share her experiences with Microsoft in recruiting, hiring and
retaining critical talents for AI powered product lines.

Bio: Ying Wang graduated with a BA from Mount Holyoke College, majored in Computer Science and Mathematics, then obtained MS in Computer Science from Purdue University.  Since joining Microsoft US, Ying Wang has been in roles with multiple product lines with a central theme around human collaboration.  Ying Wang started as a program manager in Microsoft Office suite aiming at improving human productivity.  She then served as senior program director for Microsoft outsourcing ecosystem during the growth of Microsoft China R&D.  Ying then returned to Microsoft Bing and online services as a senior product leader.  While working on launching Microsoft Xiaoice for US, Ying has led a multi-disciplinary team, including product management, engineering, data scientists, and partnership development with the purpose to speed up learnings and validation from the market and from each other.  Her roles have also led her to split equal amount of time in Microsoft China R&D and Microsoft US.