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Heidi Wu - Computing the Universe: a survey of computation and data analysis approaches in cosmology research

January 21 @ 10:30 am - 11:30 pm MST

Heidi Wu, Assistant Professor
Physics Department

Zoom link: To be distributed at a closer date.


“I am an astrophysicist & assistant professor in physics at Boise State.  My current research focuses on galaxy clusters — the largest structures bound by gravity in the Universe.  I use the gravitational lensing of galaxy clusters to help us understand dark matter and dark energy in the Universe.  In particular, I am working on several big sky surveys, including the Dark Energy Survey, Vera C. Rubin Observatory’s Legacy Survey of Space and Time, and Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope.
Please check out my research website:”


Cosmology is entering an exciting era: Large telescopes are rapidly expanding our cosmic horizons and producing data sets that are unprecedented in quality and volume.  My research focuses on extracting cosmological information from surveys of galaxy clusters.  In this talk I will discuss several computation and data analysis methods we use, including (1) N-body and hydrodynamic simulations of the structure formation in the Universe; (2) emulating the results from a wide range of simulations; (3) extracting information from correlation functions; (4) inferring model parameters from observations; (5) interpreting the results from various experiments and quantifying possible tensions.