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Mathematics Colloquium - Dr. Nicholas Horton

September 17, 2019 @ 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm MDT

The next mathematics department colloquium will be Tuesday, September 17.  Please join us at 3:40pm in MB 226 for some light refreshments before the talk.

Dr. Nicholas Horton
Beitzel Professor of Technology and Society and
Professor of Statistics and Data Science, Amherst College
Tuesday, Sept. 17, 4-5pm, ILC 402

Multivariate thinking and the introductory statistics and data science course: preparing students to make sense of a world of observational data

Abstract: We live in a world of ever expanding “found” (or observational) data. To make decisions and disentangle complex relationships, students need a solid background in design and confounding. The revised Guidelines for Assessment and Instruction in Statistical Education (GAISE) College Report enunciated the importance of multivariate thinking as a way to move beyond bivariate thinking. But how do such learning outcomes compete with other aspects of statistics knowledge (e.g., inference and p-values) in introductory courses that are already overfull. In this talk I will offer some reflections and guidance about how we might move forward, with specific implications for introductory statistics and data science courses.

This will be a virtual presentation using zoom; you can view it at or come watch in ILC 402.

Bio: Nicholas Horton is Beitzel Professor of Technology and Society and Professor of Statistics and Data Science at Amherst College. His recent work has focused on statistics and data science education.  Nick is a fellow of the American Statistical Association and the American Association for the Advancement of Science. He chaired the Committee of Presidents of Statistical Societies and the ASA Curriculum Guidelines for Undergraduate Programs in Statistical Science workgroup.  Nick serves on the National Academies Committee for Applied and Theoretical Statistics and is a co-author of the 2018 “Undergraduate Data Science: Opportunities and Options” consensus study report and the ASA’s 2016 revised GAISE (Guidelines for Assessment and Instruction in Statistics Education) College Report.

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