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Instructor Support and Professional Development

Your success is important to us. The Boise State University Concurrent Enrollment Program offers academic support and professional development opportunities to ensure an equivalent and quality classroom experience.

Instructor Support and Professional Development

Concurrent Enrollment Instructor Support

High school instructors who are approved to teach receive adjunct faculty status, a faculty ID card, access to Albertsons Library and the Center for Teaching and Learning for research and professional development, as well as a BroncoMail email account.

Faculty Liaison

Each academic department has a designated Boise State faculty member who serves as the liaison between the high school instructor and Boise State, providing guidance for the high school curriculum to be aligned with the college curriculum. The faculty liaison is an academic resource for the high school instructors, and they include the high school instructor in all departmental events, professional development opportunities, and listservs. See The Role of Faculty Liaisons for more information.

Teaching Stipend

There must be a minimum of 5 concurrently enrolled students in order to offer a concurrent enrollment course. An annual stipend for the high school instructor is provided. The stipend amount is based on student enrollment numbers: instructors will receive $20 per credit per student (e.g., 5 students in a 3-credit class = 5 x 3 x $20 = $300). This stipend is provided to cover additional duties added to the instructor’s workload, such as handling registration questions, maintaining class and grade rosters, scheduling coordinator visits, and fulfilling requests by academic departments. For Boise School District instructors, the stipend goes toward classroom support and professional development opportunities. Funds are sent directly to the school district.

Annual Concurrent Enrollment Instructor Training

All new and continuing Concurrent Enrollment instructors are required to attend the annual Concurrent Enrollment Instructor Training to get updates on the program’s administration, review department policies, and meet with the faculty liaison for professional development. The instructor training is held in early August and meeting information will be provided in early May. Alternate meetings may be scheduled by the faculty liaison if he/she is not available to meet during August.

Ongoing Professional Development for Concurrent Enrollment Instructors

Additional opportunities for professional development may be provided annually by academic departments. Attending at least one professional development opportunity per year with your faculty liaison is mandatory. These training events may be held either in-person or remotely via Zoom or other means of delivery. See Instructor Annual Professional Development for more information.

The Boise State Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) also has numerous university-wide faculty development opportunities in which instructors are encouraged to participate. Participation fosters dialogue, scholarship, innovation, and excellence in learner-centered strategies. The CTL aims to support, promote, and enhance teaching effectiveness and to facilitate engagement in student learning through workshops and resources.

Faculty ID Card

Concurrent Enrollment Instructors qualify for a Boise State faculty ID card. Your faculty ID card entitles you to resources at Albertsons Library, free city bus and shuttle rides, and access to Boise State recreational and physical fitness facilities (for a fee). A faculty ID card also acts as a library card with a 100-item checkout allowance. For instructions on obtaining the card, visit the Boise State Info Desk.

Campus Visits

The Concurrent Enrollment Program is resuming campus visits for the 2021-2022 school year.

Comprehensive virtual campus tours are still available through the Boise State Admissions Office. We encourage you to touch base with your faculty liaison for additional resources available to your students and classroom.

myBoiseState Instructor Account Information

myBoiseState is a foundational web experience for Boise State faculty and staff that allows access to information and services from within a single location. Your myBoiseState account gives you access to your Faculty Center where class and grade rosters are housed. You can also access your Boise State BroncoMail email account

NOTE: Students enrolled in Boise State Concurrent Enrollment courses also have a myBoiseState account. Please inform your students at the beginning of class to expect emails about their course through their BroncoMail account. You can help educate students on the use of their BroncoMail accounts by suggesting that they forward their BroncoMail email messages to an account they use more frequently. They may choose to keep copies of their messages in their BroncoMail account or purge it automatically

  • Go to myBoiseState
  • Click “Reset/Create Password” under the sign-in box
  • Follow the instructions to set up your account

You can now access your account from the myBoiseState home page by clicking the orange “SIGN IN” button.

You will also need to enroll in Duo Security to access your myBoiseState account each time you log in.

Forgot your password? Follow the password reset process to change your password and access your myBoiseState account.

Forgot your username and/or faculty ID? If you forget your username and/or Boise State ID number, contact the Concurrent Enrollment Office.

If you experience technical issues logging in to your myBoiseState account, contact the Boise State Help Desk.

Class Rosters

Instructors can view their class information online via their myBoiseState account. Class rosters are updated in real time and are accurate at the time they are accessed.

To view your class roster, follow these steps:

  • Log on to your myBoiseState account
  • Select Campus Solutions/PeopleSoft
  • Select Faculty Center
  • Select Class Roster.
  • Review the class roster to make sure the correct students are enrolled.

Your class schedule and class and grade rosters default to the current term. Please make sure you select the correct term: Fall 2021 for fall and year-long courses and Spring 2022 for spring courses.

IMPORTANT: Please contact the Concurrent Enrollment Office if there are students missing, if you see the wrong name listed for a student, or to remove students who are no longer in your class but still show up on your roster. More information about working with class rosters can be found by viewing the following web pages:

NOTE: If you need further assistance with class rosters, contact the Boise State Help Desk.


All instructors must enter grades electronically through their myBoiseState account. Instructions for entering grades can be viewed at the Registrar’s website.

Grading Scale

  • A+ (97–100%) | A (93–96.9%) | A- (90–92.9%) Distinguished Work
  •  B+ (87–89.9%) | B (83–86.9%) | B- (80–82.9%) Superior Work
  • C+ (77–79.9%) | C (73–76.9%) | C- (70–72.9%) Average Work
  • D+ (67–69.9%) | D (63–66.9%) | D- (60–62.9%) Unsatisfactory Work
  • F (<60%) Failure

Please submit grades by the following 2021–22 deadlines:

  • Fall courses: Friday, January 31, 2022
  • Year-long courses: Friday, June 10, 2022
  • Spring courses: Friday, June 10, 2022

If you need further assistance submitting grades, contact the Boise State Help Desk.

Grade Changes

Instructors can change grades in their grade roster any time before grades have been submitted. If a grade needs to be changed after grades have been submitted, instructors must email the new grade to the Concurrent Enrollment Office. A staff member will manually submit the grade change paperwork to the Registrar’s Office on the instructor’s behalf.

Student Course Drop Procedure

For student and instructors can request to be dropped/withdrawn from their course(s) by submitting the Boise State Concurrent Enrollment drop/withdrawal request form.

Please note that once grades are submitted, students cannot be withdrawn from a course. After grades are submitted, students will need to file a formal appeal through the Registrar’s Office requesting to be dropped from a course.

For students to receive a refund and no consequences to their transcript they must request to be dropped by the following deadlines:

  • Fall 2021 courses: Friday, October 22, 2021
  • Year-Long 2021-22 courses: Friday, October 22, 2021
  •  Spring 2022 courses: Friday, March 18, 2022

If students request to be removed from a course after these dates, they will not receive a refund and a “W” will be recorded on their transcript.

If a student receives a grade of “W” or “F” for their course it will impact future Advanced Opportunities funding availability. Students will need to pay for and successfully earn credit for another ‘like’ course before they are eligible for Advanced Opportunities funding again.

Incomplete Grades

Instructors must receive prior approval in order to assign a grade of “I” (Incomplete). Incompletes are reserved for extenuating circumstances and must be preapproved by the Concurrent Enrollment Director. A grade of incomplete is not appropriate for a student who is no longer in the class. If a student is on the class roster, but is no longer attending class, please contact the Concurrent Enrollment office to have them dropped/withdrawn before submitting grades.

An example of when an incomplete is appropriate: A student has been attending class and has satisfactory work up until the last three weeks of the semester and has documentation for a medical excuse.

  •  The instructor and student must create a contract stipulating the work the student must accomplish and the time in which it must be completed for the student to receive the new grade.
  • Once the work has been completed, the instructor must contact the Concurrent Enrollment Program with the new grade.
  • If no grade other than incomplete has been assigned one year after the original incomplete, a grade of “F” will automatically be assigned to the student’s transcript.