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Browse our student and parent online brochure for helpful information regarding our Concurrent Enrollment Program.

Student and Parent Brochure

Concurrent Enrollment Program

The focus of the Boise State University Concurrent Enrollment Program is to provide students with rigorous college level academic courses taught by highly qualified high school instructors, all in a familiar high school environment. Through the Concurrent Enrollment program, high school students can earn Boise State University and high school credit simultaneously for collegiate-level courses offered at their high school. Credits are transferable to most other accredited colleges and universities across the United States. Concurrent Enrollment instructors use Boise State curriculum, books, and grading scales. This academic alignment helps create a true university educational experience.

By taking advantage of concurrent enrollment, Idaho students will gain access to university courses, build confidence in their academic ability to do university coursework, and gain an early start on their college degree while still in high school.


  • Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.7; a 3.0 is recommended.
  • Have the approval of a parent or guardian (if under 18)

Student Benefits

  • Experience the rigor and intellectual challenge of college while in high school.
  • Get a head start on a college degree.
  • Pay the Concurrent Enrollment rate of $75 per credit, instead of the on-campus rate of $367 per credit.
  • Receive a letter grade on an official Boise State transcript.
  • Access the Albertsons Library for research.
  • Get a Boise State student ID card for $25 through the Boise State Info Desk.
  • Access the Boise State Writing Center for help with written work.
  • Access free tutoring services.
  • Receive an email account and access to myBoiseState.
  • Receive discounts for campus events, lectures and the Game Center with your Boise State ID.


As a Concurrent Enrollment student, we want to ensure you have the most accurate information available. Boise State offers advising to all students and parents on many topics, including: how to choose concurrent enrollment courses, details on the registration and state funding processes, transferability of credits, and how concurrent enrollment courses will apply to a college degree.

The Concurrent Enrollment team provides individual advising sessions upon request. Email to schedule an advising session with us.

Comparison of the Concurrent Enrollment Program (CEP) and Advanced Placement (AP)

  • Both offer challenging college-level course curriculum to high school students.
  • Both are taught by qualified and approved high school instructors.
  • Both offer potential for students to receive college recognition, including credit, placement or advanced standing.
  • CEP students earn a letter grade and credit on a college transcript based on course performance with access to college resources.
  • Credit for AP courses is granted based on a score on the AP exam. College course equivalencies are based on test score and will vary by college.
  • Each has an associated cost. Concurrent Enrollment courses are $75 per credit. AP exams are $92.
  • To find AP course equivalencies for Boise State, visit

Important Information for Students and Parents


Boise State reviews and approves course content and instructor credentials to ensure university equivalency. High school instructors teach Boise State courses at the high school.

Registration Deadlines

We strongly encourage you to submit course registrations early.

Registration Deadlines:
Friday, September 25, 2020 for fall and year-long courses.
Friday, February 19, 2021 for spring courses.

Course Fees and Funding

The cost is $75 per credit which can be covered by the Fast Forward scholarship. The Fast Forward scholarship is available to students attending a public Idaho high school. You must complete your course registration through BoiseState DualEnroll AND also apply for the funding through the Idaho State Department of Education’s Advanced Opportunities web portal. Be sure to work closely with your high school college and career advisor.

Most common reasons public high school students do NOT receive Fast Forward funding:
• Student/parent failure to complete the state participation form.
• Failure to submit a funding request.
• Failing a course or withdrawing after the drop deadline (impacts funding requests)

University Credits

You will earn Boise State University and high school credit simultaneously for collegiate-level courses offered at your high school. Concurrent enrollment credits are transferable to all Idaho colleges and universities and most out-of-state institutions. Credits may transfer as major, general education or elective credits and will vary by college. Consult with the college of your choice regarding transferability of credits. Helpful websites about course transferability can be found at and

Grades and Transcripts

Courses are graded A+ to F or Pass/Fail. Your course grade will be recorded on an official Boise State transcript. Due to university grading standards, your Boise State grade may differ from that on your high school transcript. Check your myBoiseState student account to ensure grades are posted before ordering your transcript. You can request and pay for official transcripts through your myBoiseState account. Official transcripts cost $10. For more information, go to

Drop a Course

To drop a course, please complete the Boise State Concurrent Enrollment drop/withdrawal form found at and submit to Requests made after the designated deadlines will result in a “W” on your Boise State transcript and course fees being upheld; refunds are not available after the drop deadline. Once grades are submitted, we are not able to process withdrawal requests.

Drop Deadlines:
Friday, October 23, 2020 for fall and year-long courses
Friday, March 19, 2021 for spring courses

Program Information for Students and Parents Brochure

To request a digital (pdf) or printed hard copy of the brochure, please email