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COVID Response

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The Public Health Office was created in 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The office reports to the Vice President for University Affairs and Chief of Staff.

Our staff

  • Business Operations Coordinator – Kendall Bateman
  • Clinical Managerial Assistant – Christina Paniagua
  • Clinical Program Director – Stephanie Hudon 
  • Contact Tracing Senior Public Health Officer – Maureen Welcker
  • Contact Tracing Deputy Public Health Officer – Tom Beitia

Contact information

Public Health Office
(208) 426-2968

COVID Testing Center
(208) 426-1523

Boise State Vaccination Clinic
(208) 426-2969

COVID Nursing/Jade Hall
(208) 426-5030

Genetics and Infectious Disease Lab
(208) 426-1038