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Testing Services and Charges

Please review this section to identify which category you fall under and the associated terms and conditions of testing at the Boise State University COVID Testing Center.

Boise State University students and staff

    • Insured: please bring your insurance card to your appointment. We will bill your insurance, but should there be any charges associated with your testing not covered by your insurance you will NOT be billed for uncovered charges. Boise State will waive the remaining fees due to your student/ staff status.
    • Uninsured: Boise State offers testing to non-insured students and staff free of charge. You must be a current student or staff member at the university and provide your student ID AND a valid driver’s license OR SSN.

Boise School District staff

    • Boise School District staff must provide their physical employee ID.
    • COVID testing is provided at no cost to current Boise School District students and staff.

Children under the age of 18

    • Parents: please bring your child’s insurance card. Children under the age of 18 will never be turned away for testing if they are not insured/cannot pay. Please provide the child’s SSN at the time of their appointment if they are not insured.  
    • Minor testing without parent/legal guardian present: anyone under the age of 14 testing without a parent/ legal guardian present must have a minor test consent form filled out and signed by their parent/ legal guardian. This form must be brought to the COVID Testing Center at the time of the appointment. You can print the consent form below or pick one up at the COVID Testing Center to prepare for a future appointment for your child. A parent/ legal guardian must be the one to fill the form out. 
    • Testing Minor Consent Form

Community members

Please note that individuals not currently affiliated with Boise State University or the Boise School District will fall under the category of community members. 

    • To test, community members must: provide insurance or pay a fee for service ($60 per rapid or PCR test) at the time of testing.
    • Note: please be aware that some insurers may not cover the costs of COVID testing when it is not considered “medically necessary” by your insurer. Examples of situations in which a COVID test may not be considered medically necessary include: 
        • Asymptomatic testing 
        • No known exposure to a confirmed positive COVID-19 patient 
        • Testing for travel or events    
        • Employer required testing

If you have any questions about your insurance coverage, please reach out to your insurance company. 

Should your insurance company deny covering the cost of your COVID-19 testing, you will be personally responsible for the testing fee. The purpose of this notice is to help you make an informed choice about whether or not you want to receive these services. 

If you have any questions or concerns about testing charges, please contact the COVID Testing Center at (208) 426-1523. If you believe you have received a bill in error please contact our medical billers, OnDemand, at (208) 947-5390.

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